Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Big Bang Theory’ 
renewed for two more seasons into 2019
‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been confirmed to return to screens for two more seasons into 2019.
US TV network CBS last night confirmed that the hit show would be returning for two more years – continuing one of the most successful sitcoms of the 21st Century.
“Congrats to the cast and crew of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, which premiered almost a decade ago in September 2007 and has been TV’s No. 1 comedy for the past five years in a row,” said a CBS spokesman. “Bazinga!
This came after news earlier this month that the main cast would be taking pay-cuts so that their co-stars could have a pay-rise, while a new spin-off series ‘Young Sheldon’ based on the childhood of character Sheldon Cooper was also confirmed.
‘Young Sheldon’ will focus on the childhood of character Sheldon Cooper, who is played in the original show by Jim Parsons. 9-year-old Sheldon will be portrayed by Iain Armitage (pictured below), who currently appears in HBO’s Big Little Lies.
Reports suggest that the show will debut at some point either later this year or next year. Its pilot episode will be directed by Iron Man director Jon Favreau.
The show will also star Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan. Jim Parsons will narrate as adult Sheldon, as well as serving as an executive producer.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New ‘Power Rangers’ movie features 
first openly gay film superhero

Yellow Ranger (played by Becky G) experiences 'girlfriend problems' in the film.
The new Power Rangers movie features what is thought to be the first openly gay superhero in film history.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers began in 1993, adapted from the Japanese original Super Sentai.This new film, directed by Dean Israelite, arrives this week (March 24).
Reports describe one scene featuring the Yellow Ranger, Trini (played by Becky G), experiencing “girlfriend problems”. “For Trini, really she’s questioning a lot about who she is,” director Israelite told Hollywood Reporter. “She hasn’t fully figured it out yet. I think what’s great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, ‘That’s OK.’ The movie is saying, ‘That’s OK,’ and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe.”
This new reboot is the first film since a pair of Power Rangers movies were released in the mid 1990s, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.
Alongside Becky G’s Trini, the film stars Dacre Montgomery (Jason, the Red Ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberly, the Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler (Billy, the Blue Ranger) and Ludi Lin (Zack, the Black Ranger).

Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston appears as the superheroes’ leader Zordon, whilst Elizabeth Banks stars as Rita Repulsa, the franchise’s villain. Bill Hader voices Alpha 5, the robot assistant of Zordon.
Watch its trailer below, soundtracked by Kanye West‘s ‘Power’.