Thursday, November 18, 2010

News from around the world!!!

New development of German scientists will blind people to read and TV watch. German specialists have created a chip-implants with micro photo diodes. They form an image, submit it through the electrodes on the optic nerve and the man begins to distinguish the surrounding objects. The device has been clinically tested in 11 patients diagnosed with degeneration of retinal cells. Most of the patients using the implant, were able to provide bright objects in sight, and even distinguish the words written in large print. Before the release of new products to market in Europe, German scientists plan to conduct a new series of clinical tests - in Germany, Britain and Italy.

Spectators feared the world's first commercial in the TV format of 4D. Holographic video shown at the central facade of a shop in London. Attendance scare effect, whereby the famous polo player, literally jumped out of advertising. According to the descriptions had seen the 4D advertising - a sense of reality was so great that when a player batted the ball broke to pieces the holographic image and the audience departed "fake" pieces, people began to bend. Inspired the audience only episode out models on the catwalk - he ran as if above the heads of passers-by and was accompanied by a new perfume fragrance fashion house.

Fundamentally new type of portable computer - laser projector is designed by experts from the English city of Cambridge. He projects onto any surface a virtual screen and keyboard and has access to the Internet and IPTV. Thus, work on it is no different from an ordinary laptop. Now British experts working on the computer version of the laser projector, the size of which make up half of an ordinary matchbox.

In Japan, hosted the first broadcast television ultrahigh-definition. From London to Tokyo was handed over to a concert of British rock group The Charlatans. High quality images will allow viewers to watch the fine details of tools, people and clothing musicians. Take implement new technology has allowed broadcast Super Hi-Vision TV. With the help of video projection screen comes with a resolution greater than that of the popular format Full HD. As a result, the image is 16 times sharper. The new standard TV broadcasts will be used during the Olympics in 2012 for displaying events on giant public screens.

Japanese are the first to receive the most advanced notebooks in the world. In December, Toshiba starts selling in Japan, 3D-TV are the new generation - to view them do not need special glasses, and as early as next year, the company intends to release a notebook using the same technology. It is known that diagonal display first notebook series will be equal to 12 inches. Other characteristics of the device manufacturer does not circulate. Unknown price and a laptop. However, experts believe that if the TV with the same diagonal screen Toshiba estimates at fifteen hundred dollars, and the laptop will probably cost less.

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig, advocating the execution of the local law on radio fees equated computer with Internet access to the radio. Now the court decision the owners of such devices must pay a monthly fee of about 6 euros - both for the use of internet radio receiving station. True, this court clarified that the fee may be charged only if the house is no radio or TV. In Germany, by the way, now there are about 200,000 such homes, and mandatory fees for the use of radio and television are levied on the Germans to finance the public media of the country.

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