Friday, January 28, 2011

News in 3D TV

Three-dimensional image can now be "touch" The developers of one of the Japanese institutions provided a system that uses technology to "sense" 3D-image. To get back a tactile relationship with the Japanese scholars suggested the use of special tips for fingers that create the illusion of interaction with the real object. Recognizing finger movements, the system creates a feeling of touching and feeling the resistance movement. Moreover, on the basis of these data, the object model is updated in real time and displayed on the screen surround. So that we can also see what the touch has. Scientists hope that their development will be used in medical simulators, computer-assisted design and games.

In Japan, created a universal glasses for 3D-TV are different brands. Novelty is equipped with an intelligent system that allows it to synchronize with a specific brand of television. This device helps the infrared signal TV. In analyzing this option, 3D-glasses automatically adapt to the particular brand of TV, and provide three-dimensional image. The same principle, incidentally, is used in all sorts of "universal" remote controls. Batteries, which employ new glasses, up to 50 hours of viewing. The cost of new items - about $ 100.

Three-dimensional image can now be enjoyed without the aid of special glasses. Toshiba has demonstrated 3D-display, the screen image which is perfectly visible to the naked eye. Due to special three-dimensional image is projected with a few light rays directed at different angles. Toshiba specialists suggest that such a display is useful not only manufacturers of televisions and monitors, and marketers - to organize promotional video boards.

3D-TV, it appears, need not for everyone. This conclusion was made after a series of polls analysts residents of different countries. It turned out that about 70% of respondents are dissatisfied with the high price of three-dimensional television. Slightly less than half believe that it makes no sense to buy a new generation of televisions due to lack of programming in 3D. The study revealed an interesting phenomenon that is sure to upset manufacturers of fashionable devices - after viewing three-dimensional television consumers have come to the conclusion that the special need to buy 3D-TV, they do not test.

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