Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magic shoes and TV display

In Sweden, came up with shoes that transmit Internet information on the location of their respective owners. Special tags for shoes scientists called "KarmaTek". New works by RFID technology is used for a long time. It is a chip that contains information that may be considered by a special scanner. This technology is used in many stores. The Swedes also came up with to attach RFID tags to shoes. However, now the authors of the ideas encountered a problem - that the technology worked, should be universally installed readers.

In the Dutch University of Groningen, students and teachers gathered the world's largest touch-sensitive display piece. Height improvised multitouch screen - about 3 meters, width - 10 meters. It is an acrylic fabric, with one side coated with special light-diffusing material. According to the authors, the system is able to monitor hundreds of touches. Correct operation of the touch screen provides thousands of infrared LEDs and 6 optical cameras. As they say the creators of the screen, they built it from the first got the equipment and only free software.

The company Asahi Glass, the largest glass manufacturer in Japan, introduced its new development - the glass under the name Dragontrail. This material is six times stronger than ordinary glass. In addition, he has high resistance to scratching. This development will be used for the display of various computing devices (eg, smart phones and tablet PCs) and televisions. The Japanese particularly emphasize that their in the production of their glass is not used harmful substances such as arsenic, lead and antimony. By some estimates, new development has already interested many Japanese companies in the world.

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