Friday, March 18, 2011

What has iPad 2 inside?

No sooner had the Tablet PC iPad 2 hit store shelves, as it has already dismantled, literally - on the chips. Experts once again decided to find out the real cost of completing tablet. To do this, they took the second model iPad with internal memory of 32 gigabytes, equipped with wireless module with the possibility of using high-speed Internet 3G. In U.S. stores such tablet price about 730 dollars. Dismantled for parts, it would cost about $ 325. And the most expensive part is the touchscreen - $ 127. They, incidentally, were made by two companies - LG and Samsung. Note that experts in dismantling iPad the output cost of parts and does not take into account the costs of assembling and packaging of the device, spending on promotions, delivery and so on. If all of this together, even taking into account the serious discounts for the company Apple, its products are quite expensive. One happy appearance of the second iPad reduced the price of the first. By as much as $ 100.

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