Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II has acquired a tablet computer iPad

     Queen Elizabeth II has acquired a tablet computer iPad. Imperial lady saw a newfangled device from their grandchildren, and unable to resist the temptation. 85-year old Elizabeth so liked iPad, she immediately asked to buy her the same. How to use the tablet, the queen told the grandchildren. At Buckingham Palace said that the Queen was delighted with the tablet. She especially liked the simplicity of its use. With the help of a tablet computer, which in Britain is little more than $ 1000, the head of the British royal family comes to the Internet, watching movies and plays. "Her Majesty said that the
iPad would be for her excellent entertainment for all journeys", - underline the court. By the way, Elizabeth II is going to a collection of devices from the company Apple - Queen enjoys two players iPod, one of which she gave Barack Obama.

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