Thursday, June 16, 2011

American Apple may provide third-generation tablet PC iPad

        Today, the network has information that the end of the year, the American Apple Inc. may provide third-generation tablet PC iPad. Empire of Steve Jobs supposedly plans to accelerate production of the following versions of the device, so as not to miss out on the palm of tablets on the market. According to some reports, third iPad conquer all lovers of new-fangled devices, higher quality display. Its resolution will increase by 5-6 times compared with the second generation will be approximately two times higher than the standard digital image Full HD. Observe experts predict demand for tablet computers this year will reach 45 million units. And most consumers just buy apple tablet. More about Apple. Already legendary head of the American company will become a hero and comic books. 32 pages of the history of Steve Jobs decided to release the pictures in one of the specialist publisher United States. Comics titled "Steve Jobs co-founder Apple" go on sale in late summer and will cost about four dollars. His attention to the person Jobs in publishing cartoon stories explained very simply and clearly: "his innovative occupy the headlines, and speculation about the health impact on stock markets". Not bad for expelled from college. By the way, just before the honor to be awarded the Mark comic hero Tsukerbenrg. The story about the founder of social networking Fasebook sold in the first month of sales.

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