Monday, June 27, 2011

The Japanese have developed a 5 fingers PC mouse - Amenbo

The Japanese company Double Research & Development presented a manipulator Amenbo. It allows you to control your computer, using all five fingers, according to CrunchGear.

Amenbo consists of six main elements: support for the palm and fingers of five muffin, which are connected to the support wires. In each stand, built-in sensor that tracks finger movement, and calculates the pressure which has a finger on the stand.

The developers claim that the device can be used to run programs that require precise positioning - for example, editors, 3D-graphics. In the demo Amenbo used to work with the editor of 3D CAD.

According to the Double Research & Development, a new manipulator has several advantages over other input devices. Thus, in contrast to the Kinect, Amenbo captures not only the movement of the arm, but the pressure that the fingers exert on the surface. Of touch panels features manipulator ability to "see" each finger individually.

At the moment, you can connect to a computer running Windows 7. Will support other platforms, not specified. It is also unclear whether the developers intend to start Amenbo in production.

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