Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New OS from Microsoft - reincarnation Windows

Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows. It should help the brainchild of Bill Gates beat rivals - Google and Apple. In the new Microsoft OS called "reincarnation" Windows, which affected the whole system. True, what exactly is the peculiarity of reincarnation is not entirely clear. We only know that the 8-th version of Windows - a kind of "hybrid" of traditional Windows operating system and its mobile version. It focuses on sensory control, which makes it easy to use as usual, and on a Tablet PC. Interface of new 8 version OS will remind the mobile phone screen, on which there are icons for applications. View them will be touch of a finger. There is also information about what's possible in Windows will be introduced video service Skype. For more information, Microsoft promised to provide a fall at a conference for developers.

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