Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Tablet PC Form Toshiba - Thrive

        In July, the Tablet PC market is supplemented by the creation of Japanese corporation Toshiba - Thrive. Its main advantage would be the price which is expected to be significantly lower than that of the notorious reference tablets - iPad from American company Apple. At the same specifications of Japanese development promise not to give in, and in many ways - superior Apple tablet. Potential buyers were invited to assess the novelty of Japanese performance 10-inch touch screen, fast operating system Android 3rd version, as well as two cameras and camcorders - the front and the rear panel. Another "plus the promised" new product Thrive from Toshiba - regardless of the options for memory tablet, they will all be equipped with a wireless card (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). Returning to the issue price, stated that she fully democratic - 480 dollars for a younger model with a storage capacity of 8 GB. Those wishing to purchase a model with 32 gigabytes of new would cost $ 100 more expensive.

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