Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Norwegians have prepared the longest live television broadcast in history

Norwegian TV channel launched NRK2 134 hours broadcast from a cruise ship that travels along the coast of Norway, says the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. As stated by the newspaper, representatives of the channel, the project promises to become the longest live broadcast in television history.

Translation is carried out with 9 cameras installed in different parts of the ship MS Nordnorge. Staff channel called a live broadcast from the ship "cruise for people who love to lie on the couch." The cameras cover everything that happens on the ship, the newspaper said referring to the author of the project Hellama Thomas (Thomas Hellum).

Cruise to see live, you can also visit NRK.

The ship sailed from the south-west coast of Norway on Thursday evening, June 16. On board the MS Nordnorge to cruise off 314 people. A few days later the liner reaches the Arctic Circle. Travel will be completed in the port of Kirkenes a few kilometers from the Russian border.

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