Friday, July 8, 2011

Element One Gold exclusive TV display

          Exclusive designer TV monitor set up a German company «Element One Gold», which is famous for unconventional and sophisticated solutions for offices. By the 10th anniversary of its work the company has decided to launch gold monitors. Exactly how much precious metal and of what quality is used when creating a screen - is unknown. Only reliable information that the exclusive solution for conference rooms and meeting rooms executive level off hiding in a table, and if the use of surfacing countertops.
         With the help of laser engraving the customer can apply for a golden display a company logo or any other inscription, as well as a number of features to complement the device - for example, decorative illumination or a touch screen. Given the unusual nature of the goods, the price of gold monitors the Germans decided not to declare. All fees can be found in a personal conversation with the company.

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