Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Humboldt University and Google set up a research institute

       Berlin Humboldt University in conjunction with Google and three other German universities established the research institute said on Monday, July 11, Associated Press. Google has decided to allocate research institute of 6.41 million dollars for the first three years of its activity. After that, the Humboldt University will have to find other sponsors.
       According to the plans of the oldest university of Berlin, a new research institute will study the history of the Internet and its impact on society, science, politics and economics.
Research Institute will be housed in the building, Faculty of Law. Its official opening is planned for late October. At the same time founding partners are planning to hold an international symposium in Berlin dedicated to the opening of the new institute. Special attention will be given to innovation, policy, and Internet media, philosophy of law and constitutional law.
       As reported at the Humboldt University, the founding partners are the University of Arts Berlin (die Universitat der Kunste Berlin), Berlin Science Center for Social Research (das Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung) and the Institute of Hamburg (Hamburger Hans-Bredow-Institut).
Berlin Humboldt University is the oldest of four universities in Berlin. It was founded in 1809. In the 19th century the university was one of Europe's largest research centers. In 2008, the university has 34,000 students.

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