Friday, July 1, 2011

LeapFrog released a children's tablet PC - LeapPad

Manufacturer LeapFrog educational toys named a price and performance tablet LeapPad Explorer. The device is designed for children aged four years and nine years, according to the manufacturer's website.
Children's plate is equipped with five-inch touch screen with 480 by 272 pixels and uses a processor with a frequency of 400 megahertz. In the LeapPad has camera for photos and video, an accelerometer and a microphone.
On the tablet can run educational games and programs. In memory of the device pre-loaded four applications, and about a hundred applications are available at LeapFrog. Among them are programs for teaching reading and writing (complete with LeapPad supplied stylus), an interactive coloring books, music programs and programs for learning the basics of a healthy lifestyle.
Wi-Fi module in the LeapPad Explorer is not, so to install applications, you must connect to a computer. Also, the tablet will produce cartridges with the programs.
On sale in U.S. children's plates, announced in February 2011, will be available August 15 at a price of $ 99.99. Will LeapPad Explorer sold in other countries, not yet reported. Price applications for the tablet will be from 5 to 25 dollars.
Previously, the company has released a children's laptop LeapFrog LeapPad with similar functionality.


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