Friday, July 8, 2011

Microsoft will stop supporting Office XP, and Vista SP1

         Microsoft has since July 12 stop support office suite, Office XP and Service Pack Service Pack 1 (SP1) operating system Vista, writes Computerworld. July 12 the company will release these products for the latest updates. After that date, new "patch" for Office XP, and Vista SP1 will no longer go. It is emphasized that continue to use these products is possible, but due to lack of security updates can not be guaranteed.
         Users of Vista SP1 is recommended to install Service Pack SP2, support for which will be implemented by April 2012. For corporate users of Vista updates will be released until 2017. Install Vista SP2, you can use the service, "Update Windows", which is part of the operating system. In addition, Vista SP2 for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems can be downloaded from Microsoft.
         Office suite Office XP Microsoft has released in May 2001. Vista operating system for corporate users out in 2006, and for the "home" users - in 2007. The first service pack for Vista appeared a year later. Now the share of Vista on the market is, according to service statistics, StatCounter, about 12 percent. The OS uses the less popular than its predecessor, Windows XP (45 per cent market share) and a follower of Windows 7 (34.5 percent).

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