Friday, July 1, 2011

New X-Men: First Class movie was the leader in the number of errors

          In distribution cinema goes out the film "X-Men: First Class".
Matthew Vaughn's movie "X-Men: First Class" has become a leader in 2011 on the number of errors (blunders) found. Creators of Portal - Movie Mistakes made a list of 24 blunders found in the film. In particular, in one scene in mutant Emma Frost (Jones, actress Dzhenyueri) changing hairstyle. In addition, attentive viewers have noticed the "First Class" anachronisms and plot inconsistencies with other films of the series "X-Men".  Movie "X-Men: First Class" was released in June 2011. According to information from the site BoxOfficeMojo, the film has already managed to collect at the box office $ 320 million (with a budget of $ 160 million). Immediately after the release of the picture led the U.S. release, collecting over $ 56 million weekend. Among the other leaders of this year, the number of errors on the website Movie Mistakes referred to "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (13 blunders) and "Pol: The Secret Materil" (12 blunders).

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