Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The number of sites based on Wordpress has exceeded 50 million

         The number of sites created on the basis of an open system Wordpress, July 10, 2011 exceeded 50 million. About half of them available on most hosting Wordpress, and others - on independent servers around the world. About this site reports The Next Web.
        According to statistics published on the website, over the past day the number of pages on the basis of this system has increased by almost 139 000.
        The total number of sites based on Wordpress has increased dramatically over the past six months: in December 2010 their number was little more than thirty million.
        At the moment, Wordpress is the most popular base for creating standalone blogs. Results based on this system is set up about 14 percent of all sites in the world. Monthly browsing their 287 million users, and the total number of hits exceeds 2.5 billion.

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