Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A prototype of the iPhone 4 will be sold on eBay

On the Internet auction site eBay have exposed pre-model iPhone 4, writes tehnoblog This is my next. From the prototype production model by the absence of the characters "+" and "-" buttons to adjust the volume on the sidebar. On the front and back of the stamped number "DF1692".

The device is not connected to mobile networks. In addition, the device can not synchronize with the service iTunes. Buttons and display are functioning smoothly, according to the description on eBay. The internal memory is not specified.

The seller claims that he worked in the service to repair your iPhone and bought the machine for later parsing for parts. Looking at the phone and checked his ID on the basis of IMEI, he came to the conclusion that the device is a prototype.

As of the date that the maximum price that users of eBay offered for the device amounted to 1725 dollars. Was made 18 bets. The auction runs until July 11. TekGoblin said that one of the users bet a million dollars, but later it was removed.

Remember that the iPhone 4 in the United States is from 199 to 299 dollars for the version with the contract operator and from 649 to 749 dollars for a version without a contract.

Exposed on eBay apparatus similar to that of the prototype iPhone, 4 photos that in April 2010 published tehnoblog Gizmodo. It was found that the prototype for two months before the bar staff had forgotten to Apple employee Gray Powell.

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