Thursday, August 4, 2011

Became known the price of service Apple iCloud

       Apple has announced prices for the extra space in the cloud storage iCloud, writes a blog 9to5Mac.
Free users will be given 5 gigabytes of space. For additional space will need to pay. An additional 10 gigabytes of space can buy for $ 20 a year, 20 gigabytes - for $ 40, and 50 gigabytes - for $ 100.
       Under purchased from the iTunes application and tracks, as well as a photograph is given an unlimited amount of user space, but pictures can be stored in iCloud only for 30 days.
       Apple has also opened access to iCloud via the web interface at While operates in beta. Work with the site can only developers. available on the Web version of mail client, calendar, address book, Find My iPhone tool for retrieving lost phones. It is also reported that the web interface, users can view office documents.
       Cloud service iCloud Apple announced in early June at a conference WWDC. iCloud allows you to store data on a remote server and synchronize them between devices. It is expected that in the full mode iCloud earn the fall of 2011

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