Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coldplay have decided on the title and release date for new album.

       British music band Coldplay has officially announced the title and release date for its new, the fifth studio album. The disc, entitled "Mylo Xyloto" will be released on October 24. Information about the album (including cover design) appeared on the site team August 12.

       "Mylo Xyloto", one of the producers of which was Brian Eno, will be released in several formats - a CD, on vinyl and in digital format (MP3). Also, will release a limited edition of new album, which will include additional materials, photographs and an album with graffiti. The first single from the album will be Coldplay song "Paradise". Appearance of song is scheduled for September 12.

       Information around the release of Coldplay's fifth studio began to emerge in late July. So, in late July, the music department employee Perfoming Music Rights said that base of organization has introduced with several new names registered in Coldplay. Among them, in particular, that means "Mylo Xyloto", which gave fans an idea that the album will be called so (indirectly implied by the fact that Coldplay concert recently opened intro called "MX").

       In addition to the Internet, appeared info about a possible release date album. It was supposed to be out on October 10, since the combination forms an MX number 1010 in Roman numerals. It was also suggested that the new CD Coldplay will go on sale on October 24, which eventually was confirmed.

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