Thursday, August 4, 2011

DiCaprio considered the highest-paid actor in Hollywood

        Leonardo Di Caprio led the list compiled by Forbes highest paid actors in Hollywood. It is stated in the blog on the website edition.

        In the period from May 2010 to May 2011 DiCaprio has managed to earn $ 77 million. Forbes notes that the income of an actor had a positive financial success of two films with his participation such as  "Inception" (which premiered in July 2010). According to the magazine, the total charges of these paintings were $ 1.2 billion.

        However, the site BoxOfficeMojo reports that "Inception" and other films have collected in hire of 294.8 million dollars and 825.5 million, for a total of 1.12 billion dollars. In any case, DiCaprio was in first place in the list. Last year, the actor held the fifth row in the same list.

        Second row in the list compiled by Forbes is Johnny Depp. The actor has managed to earn $ 50 million. Last year, Depp has led a similar list (its revenues in the previous reporting period amounted to $ 75 million).

        Third place at this time is Adam Sandler ($ 40 million), the fourth - Will Smith (36 million). The five highest-paid Hollywood actors Tom Hanks closes, earned for the year $ 35 million

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