Thursday, August 4, 2011

Disney will make the Chinese version of Snow White

        Disney has appointed Michael Gracey directed the film "Order of Seven", tells Heat Vision. Painting will be charged on the fairy tale of Snow White.

        The project was conceived back in 2002. It was supposed that as a director on the film will work, Francis Lawrence ("I AM LEGEND", "Water for Elephants", "Constantine"). The picture then was called "Snow and Seven". However, as a result of Lawrence left the project.

         Over the years, the idea of the film is quite transformed. In particular, in the movie "The Order of the seven" Snow White's presence will be minimized. Attention authors of the film will focus on its seven companions, who in the new film will be experts in martial arts. Moreover, the events will unfold strip in China in the XIX century.

         The latest to date version of the script for "Order of the Seven" wrote Michael Arndt, who previously worked on the tapes, "Toy Story: The Great Escape" and "Little Miss Sunshine."

         At present, removed for at least another two paintings based on fairy tale of Snow White "Snow White and the huntsman" and "Snow White Brothers Grimm". Both films have come to rental in 2012.

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