Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Festival winners announced in Montreal (Festival Des Films Du Monde).

       The site of the Montreal World Film Festival (Festival Des Films Du Monde) published a list of award-winning films of the next event.

       The best feature film of the festival has been recognized the movie "Come As You Are" Belgian filmmaker Geoffrey Enthoven. This film is about three young people with disabilities (one blind, another moves in a wheelchair), traveled to Spain.

       Special Jury Prize was awarded to the film "The Chronicles of My Mother" by Masato Harada.

       The award for best documentary divided two movies. One of them was the work of Marina Goldovsky "A Bitter Taste of Freedom", dedicated journalist Anna Politkovskaya. Prize also was awarded the film Mateja Minachev "Nicky's Family".

Montreal World Film Festival (Festival Des Films Du Monde) carried out since 1977. In 2011 the event took place from 18 to 28 August.

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