Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google +1 ahead of Facebook and Twitter, the fastest growing audience

       Audience social networking Google +1 over 25 million unique visitors. It is reported by Reuters, citing data from research firm comScore.

       The report comScore says that the mark of 25 million visitors to Google +1 broke on July 24, that is less than a month after launch. The number of visitors each day increases by an average of one million, the researchers report.

       The growth rate of the audience ahead of Google +1 social networks Facebook and MySpace, and microblogging service Twitter. In order to obtain 25 million unique users, Facebook took a little over three years, Twitter - two and a half years, and MySpace - a year and ten months.

       The biggest audience - 6.44 million visitors - Google +1 has in the U.S. in second place with 3.62 million visitors belongs to India. Next, in descending order followed by the UK, Germany, Brazil, France and Taiwan.

       Google + earned on June 28. In social networks have registered many famous people, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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