Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Google TV will work in Europe.

       Google TV television service in early 2012 will work in Europe. This was stated by chairman of the board of Google, Eric Schmidt, speaking at the August 26 opening of the International Festival of Television in Edinburgh, Scotland. Speech Schmidt can be found at the newspaper The Guardian.

      Schmidt did not disclose the list of countries whose territories will be available to Google TV, stating only that their number will include the United Kingdom.

      Google TV platform allows you to view videos on a TV screen with a video hosting and Internet TV channels, as well as open sites. A few TVs support Google TV "out of the box." In other cases, you must connect to a TV set-top box. Set-top boxes for Google released by Logitech and Sony. As the remote control you can use your smartphone.

       In the U.S., the service was launched in October 2010 and has not found much popularity. In April 2011, Logitech reported a four-fold drop of set-top box sales in January-March. Many American broadcasters banned to broadcast their content in the Google TV.

      In mid-August 2011, it was announced that Google has $ 12.5 billion for the company buys Motorola Mobility, which in addition to mobile devices, also produces a set-top boxes. It is not excluded that the company will become a new partner in Google TV.

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