Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jean-Claude Van Damme will travel to England to fight the aliens!

       Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in the movie "UFO", directed by Dominic Burns, reports BBC News.

       Burns invited the actor to your project, using e-mail. Where the first letter was written not to Van Damme, but to his wife. Burns said he was amazing when Jean-Claude agreed to participate in the filming.

       Filming of "UFO" will be held in the British city of Derby. "I heard Van Damme had been in this village. Reaching for an hour due to some event on the martial arts. This time he will spend more time in the Derby," - said Dominic Burns.

       His project director describes as a mix of paintings, "Independence Day" and "Signs". We are in the movie "UFO" will be about alien invasion on Earth. Movie to be released in rent in 2012.

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