Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keanu Reeves made his debut as a director

       Actor Keanu Reeves began negotiations with the companies China Film Group and Village Roadshow Pictures on the financing of his debut directorial project  "Man of Tai Chi", according to the website The Wrap.

       Reeves is working on the film not only as a director. He wrote the screenplay. In addition, the actor intends to perform a major role - according to available data, the Keanu will play in the movie. Also in the film will be busy actor and stuntman Tiger Chan, who took part in the filming of scenes from the melee fights in the trilogy "The Matrix".

       Reeves' directorial debut, will be dedicated to the martial arts. It is assumed that the film will be made in two languages - English and Mandarin Chinese.

      Newest today issued a rental movie with Keanu Reeves is the comedy was released in theaters in April 2011.

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