Monday, August 15, 2011

Smartphone Nexus S will have new Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich

       In the Internet there were photos of the smartphone Nexus S, which installed a new version of the Android operating system, code-named Ice Cream Sandwich. The photos were published on August 11 sites RootzWiki and Android Police.

       In the Ice Cream Sandwich "redraw" the notification bar, the screen with a list of installed applications and e-mail client Gmail, mark sites. In the design uses the color blue. Application "Camera" has new function of  "auto glue" photos into panoramas.

       RootzWiki stresses that this is an early assembly of Ice Cream Sandwich, and the final stage of the operating system may look different.

       Ice Cream Sandwich OS was announced in early May. Then it was reported that its release is scheduled for the fourth quarter. It was stressed that the management of Ice Cream Sandwich to work as smart phones and tablets.

       August 9 site BGR reported citing an anonymous source that the Ice Cream Sandwich will be released in October 2011. According RootzWiki and Android Police, under its control will operate the smartphone Nexus Prime, successor to the Nexus S. (Photo from RootzWiki site)

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