Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony have decided to jointly produce LCD screens.

       Companies Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony will organize a joint venture to produce LCD screens. They will produce screens for smartphones, tablets and other small devices, according to Japanese news agency Nikkei.

       The company will be established before the end of 2011. Reuters said that the final merger of enterprises expected to be completed by spring 2012.

       It is expected that 70 percent stake in the venture will receive public-private partnership Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ). It plans to invest in a joint venture company of about 200 billion yen (about $ 2.6 billion). Ten percent of the shares will keep for a Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony.

       According to preliminary estimates, a joint venture of three companies will become the world leader in the manufacture of LCD screens. They will have for about 20 percent of the market.

       According to newspaper The Mainichi Daily News, Japanese companies continue to lead the market of LCD screens small and medium sizes, but recently they have faced increasing competition from South Korean and Taiwanese manufacturers.

       The largest producer of LCD screens is the Japanese - Sharp, which has for about 15 percent of the market. Apple plans to start production of screens for smart phones iPhone at the company's factories and invest in Sharp to a billion dollars.

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