Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new series of "Two and a Half Men" attracted a record number of viewers.

       Episode of "Two and a Half Men" has collected a record number of viewers for series. The Actor Ashton Kutcher made his debut as the new main character. Series called "Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt" watched about a 27.7 million people, according to the website Contactmusic.

       "Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt" is the first episode of the ninth season of "Two and a Half Men." It was shown September 19, 2011. For comparison, the first episode of the eighth season watched around 14.6 million viewers.

       Charlie Sheen was fired from the project in March 2011. He was the previous leading man in the series. Studio Warner Bros explained their decision by the fact that the actor had behaved inappropriately and repeatedly broken off the filming. Later it was announced that the show would have a new protagonist, who would play Ashton Kutcher.

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