Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Disney will re-release the "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D.

       After box-office success of "The Lion King" film studio Disney has decided to re-release in 3D format four full-length animated films, reports Associated Press. On Tuesday, October 4, representatives from the studio announced that the first version of the 3D-animated film will be released the "Beauty and the Beast." Premiere of the converted cartoon to the new 3D format, which was first released in 1991, has been appointed in North America on January 13, 2012.

       September 14, 2012 "Finding Nemo" will be release in theaters in the format of 3D (the original version was released in 2003). On January 18, 2013 was appointed premier of 3D-version of "MONSTERS, INC." (2001), and on 13 September of that year, "LITTLE MERMAID, THE" (1989).

       "The Lion King in 3D", was released in North America September 16, 2011, it led two weeks in film distribution. On October 3, 3D remake of the original cartoon has earned in the U.S. and Canada 79.7 million dollars, according to the website Boxofficemojo. The total fees for all versions of "The Lion King" amounted to more than 408 million dollars since it was first premiered in 1994 in North America.

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