Monday, October 10, 2011

Fox TV has agreed to extend "The Simpsons" for two seasons.

       Fox TV channel has decided to extend production of animation cartoon "The Simpsons" for two more seasons, Reuters reports on Saturday. "The Simpsons" are the longest comedy series in television history, indicated in the message of FOX TV channel. FOX TV will broadcast "The Simpsons" live in the 24th and 25th seasons.

       FOX TV shows the 23rd season now, reminds agency. Previously, it was announced that the FOX channel would not be able to finance cartoons, if Fox TV would not reduce salaries of six dub actors by 45 percent. These dub actors agreed on a 30-percent reduction in payment in exchange for a portion of the proceeds from the show and other rental income. However, Fox has rejected this proposal.
       As reported, salaries of executive producers of "The Simpsons" were reduced in order to save the show. Apparently, Fox and the actors were able to reach an agreement about payment, but its terms are not disclosed, reported Reuters. Six actors who dubbed the main roles in "The Simpsons" get about $ 8 million per season from animated series.

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