Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The new way towards 3D standards.

       Vendors will be engaged in the production of generic 3D glasses!
       Most manufacturers of TV equipment have released models of 3D glasses with support for stereoscopic images, but the confusion in the standards for 3D-glasses was great, until recently. 3D glasses for a one TV could not fit to the other TV. Nevertheless, in early August, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Xpand announced a partnership to create the concept of FULL HD 3D-glasses with active shutter that connecting to the TV via Bluetooth or Infrared (IR).
       The joint project involves the design of RF protocols of interaction of 3D glasses and TV displays. The license for the new standard expected to appear in September, and the mass production of the universal 3D-glasses will start in early 2012. However, as the creators insist, 3D glasses will be compatible with all TVs, made in 2011. The Bluetooth SIG organization supported the project of developing such 3D-glasses. 3D-glasses will be compatible with all TVs.

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