Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A-One will be a hip-hop TV channel

       Music TV channel A-One will change the format of broadcasting and will become a hip-hop music channel, reporting Lentu.ru.

       When A-One will be turned into a hip-hop music channel, it "will be faithful to the alternative, but it will be progressive, fashionable and cheerful alternative to the monotonous life", reporting in the press release. Starting of TV channel in the new format becomes with the theme of "Everything will be hip-hop".

       Changing the format of the A-One TV channel will occur on October 20 in 10 p.m. The presentation of the new channel for media and advertisers will be held at the bar "Barbados". During the presentation the various musicians of the Russian hip-hop will perform their new songs.

      Alexander Tolmatsky became the general producer of A-One in September 2011. He previously worked with famous hip-hop artists such as Detsl (son of Alexander Tolmatsky), Legal Business and Bad B Alliance. That's when it became known that the channel would switches from alternative rock to hip-hop.

      A-One TV channel was launched in August 2005 by a group of independent producers: Victor Logachev, Dmitry Makhov, Vladimir and Andrei Golikov Dinov.


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