Monday, January 9, 2012

LG announced the world's largest 3D-TV.

LG has introduced a 3D-TV with 84-inch screen, reports Engadget tehnoblog with reference to the statement of the South Korean company.

This 3D TV requires the glasses Cinema 3D to watch three-dimensional image. This glasses are supplied with TV display. The screen resolution is 3840 by 2160 pixels (4k "ultra definition").

The new model inherits many features from the Smart TV: it can run on web application and it supports remote control Magic Remote, which detects the movement and the voice of the user.

LG has not named the date of sales of TV and the price of it, but new 3D TV is expected in stores during 2012. The LG company will talk about new model more detailed at CES, which will be held in January.

At the moment, the world's largest 3D-TV is Samsung D9500, was on sale in May. The size of its screen is 75 inches. Read more info here!

3D-TV will not only new innovation, which LG will show at CES. At the same event, the company promised to show a new OLED TV with 55 inches screen.


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