Monday, January 9, 2012

National Society of Film Critics chose the film of the year!

National Society of Film Critics (United States) has chosen the best film of 2011. It was "Melancholia" by Lars von Trier, reported Reuters. Lars von Trier has still not received an award for best director. Terence Malik gave it for the movie "The Tree of Life." The same film won the award for the Best Cinematography.

The best actress became Kirsten Dunst, who performed one of the main roles in "Melancholia". Brad Pitt got the prize as best actor for his work in the films "Moneyball" and "The Tree of Life."

Best movie of a foreign language was recognized the Iranian drama "A Separation". This film is about the couple, who must decide to leave their homeland. This film also won the award for best screenplay.

The National Society of Film Critics in the United States consists of 58 reviewers from major newspapers of Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Chicago, as well as from magazines Time, Newsweek and The New Yorker. Many of the films, actors, filmmakers noted by the critics, are often the nominees for the Grand Prize of the American film industry "Oscar".

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