Monday, March 19, 2012

The First 3D Newspaper in Belgium

Europe had the first newspaper in 3D with included special glasses, reports the portal "Globalist".
The incredible demand for 3D format, revived his popularity thanks to blockbuster "Avatar", the Belgian publishers pushed the idea of ​​a reformation of the conservative media - the printed newspaper. Today, the weekly La Derniere Heure released in 3D form and became the first newspaper produced in a popular format, not only in Belgium but also throughout Europe.
The chief editor Hubert Leclercq explains that all photos posted on newspaper pages, are three-dimensional, and their views on each issue comes with a free special glasses.
For the best quality images, the new edition of the newspaper printed on high quality paper, which allows to achieve a better effect on the view of the newspaper in 3D.
Meanwhile, the 3D-format is included in many aspects of everyday life.
For example, a British fashion house Burberry has reached a new level. As part of London Fashion Week was a unique show with 3D-line translation in several locations around the world - New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and Tokyo. This technical innovation fashion house owes its creative director - Christopher Bailey. "I wanted to show his new collection in different cities and try to convey the energy and atmosphere, which is in London" - says Bailey.

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