Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Google TV set-top box will be released outside the U.S.

Google TV set top box will be sold outside the U.S.. This was reported in a blog at Google. The first device, Google TV, available outside the U.S. territory, will be Sony NSZ-GS7. Beginning in July, set-top box will be available in the UK and later will add to the list of countries Australia, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands and France.

Information about the availability of the device in other countries, including Russia, have not yet been reported.

In the UK, Sony NSZ-GS7 will cost 200 pounds sterling, and in other European countries - 200 Euro. Pre-order can be issued in the online store Sony.

In October, the U.S. and even some countries in sale Sony NSZ-GS9 - the more "advanced" model of the set-top boxes with built-in player, Blu-ray. It will cost 299 U.S. dollars, 280 pounds or 300 euros.

Included with the set-top box Sony supplied double-sided remote control. On one side is a touch panel control (it can help to move the cursor around the screen), but on the other - the keyboard. In the role of control can also act smartphone or tablet.

Since the announcement of Google TV in 2010 and so far only set-top boxes sold in the United States.

Google TV consoles running Android. They allow you to run applications on a TV screen, to work in your browser to watch videos from YouTube and transmission of Internet TV. In addition to Sony, consoles released Logitech, but later she came out of the project. The new Google TV partners are Samsung and LG.


  1. hmm... but did i order it online ? for buy it...

  2. Hi, I don't know... Maybe yes... Try to find it online!