Thursday, May 12, 2016

Supernatural: Let's Talk About "All in the Family"
After weeks under Amara's glowing, metaphysical, angel-torturing knife, Casifer was reunited with his favorite meatsuit, his least-favorite meddling human, and his deadbeat daddy dearest when Chuck and the Winchesters busted him out of Auntie Amara's boudoir of horrors. Casifer wasn't looking so hot following the great escape, but if you think that having most of Hell, an archangel, a feisty lesser-angel, and GOD on their side would give Sam and Dean ample options for taking the latest walking apocalypse down but then you must be new around here. 
What did you think of "All in the Family?" Was it a worthy successor to last week's phenomenal "Don't Call Me Shurley?" These are important questions and you should totally answer them in the comments and THEN come back in a bit for the whole review and THEN we can compare notes and probably panic a little bit because it's that time of the season again. TTYL!

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