Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall TV 2016: 

Your Everything Guide to the New Season

Well would you look at that. We blinked and the new fall TV season is upon us! As usual, it's jam-packed with so many new shows that you can't possibly keep them all straight. So it's a good thing we're paid to tell you everything you need to know (and probably a lot of stuff you don't).
Below you'll find links to calendars featuring premiere dates for new shows, premiere dates for returning shows, and probably nothing related to shows that have been canceled (sorry, The Grinder! We still miss you!). You'll also find descriptions for each of the new fall shows, helpful information about where your favorite shows left off, and a lot more. So bookmark everything to your heart's content and clear out that DVR in preparation. If you haven't caught up on Nashvilleyet, you probably never will. Sorry, Connie. The truth stings.
When we say everything, we really mean everything.
Plan your days and your nights accordingly!
Don't miss out on a single premiere!
Here's the lowdown on the network's latest and maybe greatest.
Already forgot what happened on The Flash last season? We can help with that.
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