Monday, October 17, 2016

The Vampire Diaries
Everything You Need to Know About the Final Season
The Vampire Diaires' final season will find the Mystic Falls gang taking on an evil unlike anything they've seen before, while also honoring the show's eight-season legacy.
"We have a lot of plans to pay tribute to everything we've done in the past," creator Julie Plec tells "Our plans probably outweigh our real estate of space to actually accomplish all of it. But we've had a lot of fun in the room just reliving our favorite moments and our favorite characters and trying to think of really clever ways to reintegrate elements of the show from the past."
Some examples of how Plec will accomplish this is in bringing back old characters (such as Tyler Lockwood) and iconic events, including the Mystic Falls carnival, Founder's Day and Miss Mystic Falls. Each episode will also be titled after lines of dialogue from the series which hold particular meaning to Plec and her team of writers.
For more scoop on The Vampire Diaries' final season -- including who else might return, whether the Salvatore brothers will ever find closure and Plec's thoughts on the Steroline June wedding -- check out our full chat with Plec below.
The Vampire Diaries returns Friday, Oct. 21 at 8/7c on the CW.

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