Monday, December 5, 2016

The Walking Dead: Welcome to The Negan Show

By Liam Mathews
Sunday's supersized The Walking Dead took us deeper into the how of vile villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), if not the why. We saw how Negan rules over the Sanctuary by enforcing his rules through intimidation. But why he's doing it? His motivation, other than having a lot of sex and being a jerk? We're still not 100% sure.
Because of this, it was a relentlessly grim hour, heavy on psychological and physical torture, and set up a Negan/Rick (Andrew Lincoln) standoff for the midseason finale when Rick comes home to Alexandria and finds Uncle Negan babysitting his kids.
"Sing Me A Song" is also the first episode of Season 7 so far that hasn't opened with a character waking up, which indicates that everybody finally understands how things are now, and will start preparing for whatever comes next. Instead it opens a little while after Michonne (Danai Gurira) found the burning mattresses in "Service." She's whistling "Farmer In the Dell" as she uses walkers to set some kind of trap, in what's surely a nod to The Wire, since that was the song stickup artist/cheese who stood alone Omar Little (Michael K. Williams) would whistle when he was up to no good (The Walking Dead has/has had a few actors from The Wire in its cast -- previously Chad Coleman and Larry Gilliard and currently Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel and played Sgt. Ellis Carver on the classic HBO crime drama). It's a pretty weird, out-of-nowhere reference, but I guess Michonne is pretty Omar-like in this episode.
There is an awakening in the next scene, as Rick and Aaron (Ross Marquand) wake up to continue on their supply run, and they see something. Later in the episode we learn that it's some kind of abandoned place that might have supplies that apparently the Saviors don't know about. Okay!

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