The nu-metal band release their sixth album ‘One More Light’ on May 19. It was recently preceded by lead single ‘Heavy’.
Speaking to BeBoxMusic, frontman Chester Bennington revealed that the album will include a song called ‘Good Goodbye’, featuring Stormzy and Pusha T.
“We like Stormzy and we think that he’s dope,” Bennington said. “Little did we know that, he was about to take over the world.”
Of how the collaboration came about, he explained: “It required us reaching out saying ‘Hey, we like Stormzy, here’s a track if you would like to participate on it, that would be awesome.’ Apparently he was like, ‘Yeah.’ That wasn’t that difficult, but we knew of Stormzy and that’s why we reached out to him.”
Linkin Park had previously said that they were fans of grime, citing artists like Stormzy, Skepta and Giggs. They explained that they’ve been watching and listening from afar, but said they had underestimated the demand for grime in the UK.