Monday, December 11, 2017

Kevin Spacey accused of groping King of Norway’s son-in-law

Ari Behn was married to King Harald's daughter Märtha Louise
Actor Kevin Spacey has been accused of groping the former son-in-law of the King Of Norway.

Ari Behn, who was married to King Harald’s daughter Märtha Louise from 2002 – 2016, claims that Spacey groped him after attending a Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2007.
Behn told Norwegian radio station P4 that Spacey “put his hand under the table and grabbed me by the balls”, saying of the incident: “I am a generous person, but this was a bit more than I had in mind”.

He said that the pair had a “great talk” before going outside for a cigarette when the alleged incident occurred. According to Behn, he dodged Spacey’s advances by telling him: “Er, maybe later”.

“My hair was dark at the time, I was 10 years younger and right up his alley,” Behn said.
Spacey hasn’t responded directly to Behn’s allegations, but has denied other accusations of misconduct. The actor also previously issued a statement, saying that he was “taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment”.

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