Friday, April 27, 2018

Woman With 7344CC Breasts Reveals She Has A “Tap” To Top Them Up

Never let it be said that the appeal of big breasts has had its day. Yes, there are plenty of women who have latched onto the whole "squat until your derriere's like Kim K's" bandwagon, but a busty chest is still very much all the rage.

There are still a number of women who opt for breast augmentation, however, most of these women will settle for a relatively modest and natural-looking increase in size.
Others, on the other hand, will take an immense leap and go for a much larger cup size than they had originally.

One woman had her breasts increased to a size 7344CC: LIVE TV ON LIVEINTV.COM
Three women who had undergone a number of breast enlargement procedures went on the British daytime show, This Morning, to talk about why they decided to dramatically increase the size of their chests.

Mary, Dolly, and Lilly were initially dissatisfied with their respective sizes but even now that they're a size 34M, they're still looking to increase the size of their breasts.
Lilly even said she had a port on each side which are essentially taps to keep her implants topped up. "It means I can gradually fill them up as my skin allows for the expansion," she said.
When one of the hosts of the show, Phillip Schofield asked Lilly, a labor and delivery nurse, "How big are yours?" she responded: "7344CC each".

But if you're thinking, she must be experiencing a lot of back pain with breasts that big, apparently that's not the case, and they cause her no discomfort! In any case, we wish each of the three women continued happiness with their large bosoms.

It's easy to pass judgment on others for doing things we may not necessarily agree with, but these ladies are not hurting anyone, and if it makes them happy, then each to their own.

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