Friday, May 4, 2018

Millie Mackintosh sizzles in skimpy monochrome bikinis

She is a former Made In Chelsea star whose fashion business went under in March owing more than ?500,000. And Millie Mackintosh has discussed the collapse of her fashion brand in a candid interview with Women's Health Magazine, which sees her show off her gym-honed figure in skimpy swimwear.

Despite the loss of her brand Cammac the 28-year-old television personality said she feels her journey into the world of fashion is just beginning, and that failure is the key to ultimate success. She said: 'I think you can't be successful without failing along the way…I think about lots of people I admire, and their first businesses didn't really make it. 

'Look at Charlotte Tilbury. Her make-up line now wasn't her first attempt. So, although it's been a really difficult time, remembering that has helped me I've learnt so much doing it, so it's just… it's a gamble. 

She launched her label Cammac four years ago exclusively on the fashion website ASOS and it instantly became a hit thanks to her large social media following.

But now the former Made in Chelsea star is having to liquidate the business with a shortfall of ?548,000, according to the Evening Standard.  Millie has herself lost out on ?178,000 through the collapse of Cammac Venture Limited, according to liquidation papers.

She said: 'Despite our efforts and being a top seller with a number of our stockists, the financial climate in the fashion industry has proved immensely challenging and the business is no longer sustainable.' 

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