Friday, August 3, 2018

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Return To The Bahamas After Tropical Engagement — Getting Married?

The last time Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin visited the Bahamas, they got engaged. Now the couple is back at the same resort in the tropical paradise and fans are wondering if this time they’ll get married.
Justin Bieber has made it very known that the number one priority in his life right now is marrying Hailey Baldwin. Above his career, above new music, making Hailey, 21, his wife is all he wants. The couple returned to Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas on Aug. 1, which happens to be where they dramatically got engaged on July 7. Fans spotted the couple hanging out on the beach, looking relaxed and happy. Hailey showed off her long model legs in a black bikini while Justin rocked a pair of dark trunks. She later put on some denim short shorts to head back inside their resort at the Bakers Bay Golf and Ocean Club. Yep, that’s the same place where Justin asked Hailey to marry him.
Fan sites went nuts over the news, speculating that this time around the two are getting hitched. “First time at the Bahamas they got engaged, what about the second time? Getting married?” one person speculated as photos of the couple hit the Twittersphere. One girl showed off a text from her dad, telling her he had run into Justin in the resort’s bar and the superstar asked him if the pizza there was good. And the dad added Hailey was with him.

Justin and Hailey have been in New York most of the summer, but it was their July 7 getaway to the Bahamas where Justin popped the question and gave Hailey a massive diamond ring that he helped design. The two had only started dating about a month prior after rekindling a romance that originally fizzled out in 2016, so the sudden engagement caught fans by surprise.

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